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Everything You Need to Know about the Teeth Aligners Cost in India

aligners cost in India

In recent years, the need for aligning teeth has been growing to improve the smile and overall appearance. Aligners are gaining popularity as they offer more comfortable and hassle-free treatment than traditional braces. If you’re considering teeth aligners as a treatment option, it’s essential to understand the importance of aligning teeth and the factors that affect the cost of teeth aligners. Aligners use advanced digital 3D software to make custom treatment plans for each person’s teeth. In this article, we will delve into the pricing of teeth aligners in India, along with the key factors influencing these costs. 

What are the Features of Invisible Aligners? 

The following are the features of clear aligners that make them a popular choice for teeth alignment: 

Transparent: Aligners are made from transparent plastic sheets. They are plastic trays that are almost invisible when you wear them. 

Removable: Aligners are not fixed like metal braces; the aligner trays are removable. You can remove and wear them during your meals after cleaning your mouth. This allows you to eat and drink anything of your choice. It also helps you maintain good oral health.

Custom-made: Your doctor takes your 3D scans and sends them to the dental lab. The dental lab makes custom aligners based on your digital scans. This helps aligners to give you a perfect fit. 

ComfortAligners have a smooth surface and no sharp edges. Hence, they are comfortable and do not cause pain or discomfort like metal braces. 

FlexibleAligners can easily adjust to fit your teeth. Because they’re soft, you can quickly put them on or take them off.

Safe: The plastic material used to make aligners is safe and non-toxic. They do not cause any harm or allergies when you use them. 

Dental Aligners: What You Should Know  

It is essential to understand what dental aligners are and how they work before we explore the cost factors. These aligners are safe to use and made with advanced technology. They are transparent and fit your teeth well, as they are custom-made. They do not consist of metal wires or brackets as metal braces. These aligners are made with the latest technology to suit your needs.  

They offer a faster treatment route to your perfect smile, along with providing maximum comfort and care. Also, they help maintain good oral health as they are removable. They gently push your teeth to move them into a better position. You wear each aligner for about two weeks and then switch to a new one. Your teeth gradually become straighter as you follow the treatment plan. All these features make aligners a better choice over metal and invisible braces.

What are the Factors that Affect the Cost of Clear Aligners? 

In India, the price of orthodontic treatment might vary depending on the following factors:  

Complexity of Case:

Every case is different, and the level of difficulty differs from person to person. The same impacts the number of aligners and the aligner’s price. Simple cases, like modest crowding or gaps in the teeth, might need a few aligners, which would cost less. On the other hand, complex cases would need more aligner sets, which would cost more money.   

Expertise of Dentist:

Your orthodontist’s experience or the dental clinic’s location can influence the teeth aligners price. Some experts can charge more for professional dental care. Remember, just because something that costs more doesn’t always mean it’s better. Check for suitable options in your area that suit your needs and budget. 

Additional Treatment: 

Every case is different and might need special care. Dental problems like tooth decay, cavities or gum disease will add to the overall treatment cost. These procedures may include teeth cleaning, tooth extraction or other procedures. The total cost of the treatment may rise if further procedures are required. Your dentist will examine your case and inform you about the same after examination.  

Dental Lab or Manufacturers:  

The cost of aligners can vary as per the quality of materials used to make them. Dental labs use the latest technology to craft aligners, which adds to the cost. Some aligner companies provide services like 3D scanning, treatment planning, and case management. Reputed brands might charge more but provide guaranteed quality and services.  

 The above features determine the overall cost of Teeth Aligners in India. 

How Can You Get Teeth Aligners? 

Following are the steps to get aligners: 

1) Visit your nearest dentist 

2) The dentist will examine your case 

3) The dentist will take 3D scans of your mouth 

4) They will send it to the dental lab 

5) The dental lab will send the set of aligners to your dentist 

6) Your dentist will help you start with your aligner treatment

These simple steps will help you obtain your aligners without any hassle. 


Teeth aligners are modern-day devices to straighten crooked teeth without restricting your routine habits. People mostly use metal braces in India; however, teeth aligners help people get perfect smiles without drawing attention like metal braces. Factors like the dentist’s quality, brand, expertise, the number of aligners and additional treatments can affect the aligner price. You should explore all the factors before you get the best aligner treatment for your case. You can also check for any flexible payment options available with your dentist. You can consider looking for a good package with Signature Smiles.  

At Signature Smiles, you can choose reasonable teeth straightening with clear aligners starting from INR 70000/-to INR 90000/- and beyond.

Fixing crooked teeth helps both your dental health and boosts your confidence for life. You can consult our dental experts at Signature Smiles to learn more about aligners and make informed decisions. Here, you’ll get the best care and great value for your money. Seek aligner treatment to enhance your smile, look, dental health and overall wellness.   


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