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Everything You Need to Know about the Teeth aligners cost in India

In recent years, the need for aligning teeth has become increasingly apparent as more people seek a solution to address dental misalignment. The desire for a straighter, more confident smile has driven the popularity of teeth aligners as an appealing alternative to traditional braces. If you’re contemplating teeth aligners as a treatment option, it’s essential to recognize the importance of aligning teeth and to understand the associated cost. In this article, we will delve into the pricing of teeth aligners in India, along with the key factors influencing these costs. 

Dental Aligners: What You Should Know  

It is crucial to understand what dental aligners are and how they operate before delving into the price. Dental aligners consist of clear, personalized plastic trays called aligners to align your teeth properly. Despite having several advantages, they perform similarly to conventional braces. Unlike metal braces, invisible aligners don’t require metal wires or brackets and are nearly painless, detachable, and invisible.  

The elements affecting the cost of Braces 

In India, the price of orthodontic treatment might vary depending on several variables. The following are some significant variables that affect the price: 

1.Level of complexity:

Each case is unique, and the extent of complexity of misaligned teeth varies. The same greatly impacts the number of aligners and the aligners price. Simple cases, like modest crowding or gaps in the teeth, might need a few aligners, which would be less expensive overall. On the contrary, complicated cases with various misalignments would call for a longer course of action and more aligner sets, which would cost more money.  

2.Experience of the Dentist or Orthodontist:

The cost of the aligner treatment may also be influenced by the orthodontist’s experience and expertise or the dental office administering it. At times, because of the reputation and track record of effective treatments, established clinics with competent orthodontists may charge higher costs. It’s crucial to remember that a higher price only sometimes equates to better results, so do your research and pick a supplier based on their credentials and client testimonials. 

3.Additional treatment and procedure:

Depending on the case, your dentist might suggest additional procedures. These procedures may involve enamel sculpting, attachments, or tooth extractions. The total cost of the treatment may rise if further operations are required. During your initial consultation, your orthodontist will review your situation and educate you about the required extra procedures, if any.

4.Dental lab or manufactures: 

The quality of aligners may vary as per the material and technology used by a dental lab. The type and quality of materials used in aligner production can have a big impact on price. A few dental laboratories also provide other services including 3D scanning, treatment planning, and case management. Although they could raise the overall cost, these services might enhance the quality of the treatment results from the aligner treatment. 

For anyone wishing to straighten their teeth, teeth aligners provide a practical and discrete solution. 

The case’s complexity, the dentist’s expertise, the quality of the dental lab, additional procedures, etc., can all affect the price of invisible braces in India.  When considering teeth aligners and invisible braces, it is essential to take into account your specific requirements, preferences, and budget. Exploring various pricing packages and flexible payment options can help you find an aligner treatment that suits your needs and financial constraints. At Signature Smiles, you have the option to choose affordable teeth straightening services from clear aligners, with prices starting from 70000/- and beyond. 


Investing in the correction of crooked or misaligned teeth is a lifelong investment in your dental health and self-confidence. The value of treatment from aligners is reflected in the positive impact they have on your life. To explore your options and make informed treatment decisions, consult with our dental specialists and orthodontists at Signature Smiles. Choosing teeth straightening with Signature Smiles ensures top-quality treatment and exceptional value for your investment. In India, teeth aligners have made it possible for many to achieve a straighter and healthier smile, contributing to enhanced dental and overall well-being 



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