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All On 4 Implant

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All On 6 Implant

Look younger, healthier and turn back time with Dental Implants Treatment in Mumbai! – JUHU, BANDRA & ANDHERI

Signature Smiles is Mumbai’s leading and most trusted chain of dental clinics that specializes in dental implants. Headed by Dr. Rahul Oza, our dentists have more than 20 years of experience in placing implants, including complex Full Mouth Reconstructions. At our clinics, Implant treatment is a routine procedure.

A dental implant is a titanium anchor placed firmly in the jaw to hold the artificial teeth. It is an artificial replacement for the root portion of your natural tooth. Implants support a crowns and bridges or secure a denture firmly in place.  They are the ideal option for replacing missing teeth as they last a lifetime. In function and aesthetics, they are very similar to natural teeth.

Implants allow you to eat, talk, smile, and chew confidently.

Implant systems used at Signature Smiles are from Germany, Switzerland & USA, which are the best implant systems used worldwide.

We use the highest standard and internationally acclaimed dental implant systems like Ankylos from Germany, Bio Denta from Switzerland, Bio Horizon from the USA, Nobel BioCare from Switzerland, etc.

We use all four dental implants to replace an entire arch or missing or damaged teeth using Nobel Biocare from Switzerland. Our all-on-six dental implants replace all of your upper or lower teeth with six implants using various implant systems.

Our Experienced & Certified Implant specialists are trained in USA & Germany and have more than 20 years of expertise and experience in placing implants.

Dental Implants treatment is a highly skilled procedure, and the success of this treatment lies in the expertise of the performing Implantologist viz a dentist specialized in placing implants.

Best Dentist at Signature Smiles Centre: Dr. Rahul Oza

He has been in clinical practice since last 20 years. Equipped with a Master’s degree in Periodontics, he has trained extensively in the US, Germany & Italy on different Implant systems. He has kept himself updated with the latest in the field of implantology and has successfully placed over 1000’s of implants with a success ratio of 98%.

Steps Of Dental Implants

Dental implants
  • In the first consultation, our dentists understand your needs and make digital X-rays and comprehensive digital scans using our in-house CT scan machine. Digital images of your jaws are recorded using the innovative 3D Intraoral Scanner.
  • A detailed model of your teeth is constructed. This helps us to clearly visualize your jaws and teeth and decide in advance which is the best treatment for you. The ideal position of the teeth to be replaced is also planned in advance.
  • At Signature Smiles, the Implant treatment is a routine chairside procedure. It is virtually painless, and the patient walks out comfortably after the procedure. With our Digital implant planning and state-of-the-art technology, the entire procedure is much faster and more accurate. Thus you are more comfortable with quick results customized to your specific needs.

The cost of dental implant treatment depends on the type of implant system used, the location of the implant, and the quality of your bone. We pride ourselves in using implant systems of the highest quality and supported by research. Our dental implants are the most affordably priced in all of Mumbai, India.

Get Dental Implants Treatment and Boost Your Confidence! We offer almost all globally accepted implant systems besides the ones mentioned above. If you wish any specific system that is not mentioned, please email us on

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Average Treatment Time : 30 TO 45 Minutes

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Average No of sittings : Single sitting

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Cost of Dental Implant Treatment :