A healthy and confident smile is an essential part of your personality. If you have missing or badly broken down teeth, then dentures can be a way of replacing them. If these are not replaced on time, it can lead to various oral health issues like shifting of adjacent teeth, bone loss, bite problems, and compromised oral function and aesthetics. So, it is essential to replace missing teeth. A great alternative to missing and damaged teeth is dentures. These are removable and natural-looking replacements that can last for a long time and restore function and aesthetics to your mouth.

Why Are Dentures Necessary?

Patients who have missing teeth or decayed teeth that can’t be saved should replace them on time. Not doing so can lead to severe consequences. Firstly, the teeth adjacent to the space will slowly shift or tilt into the gap left by the missing tooth, leading to bite problems and misalignment. Secondly, the jawbone in the area of the missing tooth can start to wear off, causing bone loss, bite problems, and changes in how the person looks. In addition, the adjacent teeth can start to suffer from wear and tear because of increased pressure on them while chewing or biting. Overall, damage will be caused to the oral function and aesthetics.

What Benefits Do Dentures Offer?

  • Restores and improves the appearance of your natural smile.
  • Gives you the confidence to smile and enhances your facial appearance.
  • Helps you speak clearly and gives you the ability to eat all kinds of foods comfortably.
  • Gives support to facial muscles and helps maintain facial structure.
  • Lowers the risk of jaw discomfort and pain.
  • Enhances overall quality of life by restoring oral function, aesthetics, and self-esteem.


What Do We Provide at Signature Smiles?

At Signature Smiles, we provide personalized dentures to meet the patient’s unique needs. Our modern technology offers dentures that feel and look natural.

We provide different types of dentures:

Complete Dentures:

Complete dentures are made when all of the natural teeth are missing or removed. Conventional complete dentures are given after the gum tissues have healed, which can take a few weeks. Immediate complete dentures are made in advance and placed as soon as the teeth are removed. As the bones and gums shrink during the healing period after tooth extraction, they need frequent adjustments. Usually, a complete denture takes a minimum of 5 – 7 Visits. At Signature Smiles, it can be made in just one day.

Partial dentures:

Partial dentures are made when a few teeth are missing. They are attached to your natural teeth. They are a removable alternative to the fixed bridges. We also offer Flexible Partials, which are strong yet flexible, light in weight and comfortable.

Implant-supported Dentures:

Implant-supported Dentures: With advances in dentistry, it is possible to integrate  dental implants with dentures. Our dentists can provide you with a denture that is supported by implants placed in the jaw bone. These dentures are more effective and attractive as they stay in place, do not slip, and are removable.

Aftercare of Dentures

It’s important to look after your dentures to ensure they last long and stay effective in providing you with comfort. Some tips to maintain them include-

  • Clean your denture using a soft-bristled toothbrush and a gentle, non-abrasive soap in cool water.
  • Rinse dentures after eating to get rid of food particles and debris.
  • Keep your denture overnight in water to remove stains and prevent bacterial growth.
  • Don’t expose your denture to any hot liquids, as they can distort its shape.
  • Handle dentures with care; avoid dropping them or keeping them lying around, as this can damage them.
  • Avoid biting down on hard and sticky foods that can cause them to break.
  • Consult your dentist regularly to ensure your denture is effective and fit for use.


Dentures and How Much They Cost

The cost of dentures is governed by a variety of factors, including the type of denture you decide to get, the material used and the number of teeth being replaced. Any additional procedures that might be needed, like extractions or bone modification, can add to the final cost of treatment.

We believe in providing customized denture treatment options in the most cost-effective manner. Our denture specialists will examine you and discuss various options as well as their costs. Call now to schedule an appointment with our dental specialists to find out which denture option is best for you.

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Average Treatment Time : 5 hr

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Average No of sittings- 5

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Cost of Dentures :