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If you have a simple cavity then a dental filling is the perfect solution. The earlier you treat the cavity, the better or else it will lead to more serious dental issues. A dental filling can a very effective and easy way to stop further damage and decay of teeth and get your smile back to its health. At Signature Smiles, our experienced dentists combine cutting edge technology and their expertise to ensure that our patients receive the best treatment for teeth filling in a cost effective manner.

What are Dental fillings?

Dental fillings repair cavities and restore the strength, function and structure of the tooth before it turns into a larger dental problem needing root canal treatment or extraction. It’s important to fill a cavity even if it’s not painful as decay can allow bacteria to destroy more of your healthy tooth. Dental fillings prevent further advancement of decay and reinforce your tooth at the same time. It is an ideal solution for small cavities, minor fractures or cracks in teeth and to restore tooth structure damage due to nail biting and other habits.

Types of Teeth filling

Our expert dentists will make an assessment of your tooth and recommend the filling material that is the most appropriate for depending on the size and location of the cavity, your budget, esthetic concerns, dental history and your preference. There are two types of dental filling material choices, amalgam and composite resin.

Amalgam Fillings also known as Silver Fillings

Amalgam fillings are made up of a mixture of metals mixed with mercury. They are less expensive in comparison with composite fillings. Due to their remarkable strength they are durable and can withstand very strong chewing forces. However, they are dark in color and not suited for front teeth. That is why they are used in back teeth such as molars, which are used for chewing food and are not much visible. They last longer than composite resin fillings and are highly resistant to wear. However they corrode over time making the tooth appear darker.

Composite Resins

Composite resin fillings can perfectly match the color of your tooth giving a natural look. Hence they are the best filling material where esthetics are a concern. Since they flawlessly match the shade of your natural teeth, they are also called ‘white fillings’. Made from a combination of plastic resin, fine glass and other materials, this filling material bonds directly to the tooth structure and so requires less removal of healthy tooth structure. Apart from cosmetic areas, it can be used to restore cavities that are small to medium in size in areas of mouth where moderate chewing forces are required. Composite resins tend to stain from tea, coffee or tobacco and are more prone to chip. Generally, composite dental fillings cost more than amalgam fillings.

Procedure of Dental filling treatment

Placing a dental filling is a simple and straightforward procedure and can be finished in about an hour. If you are afraid that the procedure might hurt, our dentists take utmost efforts to make it a comfortable and pain less procedure and ensure our patient’s comfort and convenience.

In case the decay is big, your tooth and the gums surrounding it will be numbed with a local anesthetic before starting the procedure. The decay is removed and the tooth is cleaned. Next, the cavity is dried and filled with the chosen material. The material is smoothened, polished and finished. In case of a composite filling, after the decay is removed, the surface of the tooth is etched to create micro porosities into which the material will flow and bond with the tooth. A special ‘blue’ light is used for bonding.

Caring for your filling

It is common to experience some amount of tooth sensitivity and gum soreness after getting a dental filling done. Avoid hot and cold food and drinks for at least 24 hours afterwards and do not bite down on hard, sticky or tough foods. If you were numbed with an anesthetic, do not eat or drink anything until it has worn off. If sensitivity continues after a few days or gets worse contact your Signature Smiles dentist immediately as it is something that needs to be addressed.

It is important to take care of your fillings as neglect can cause new issues. Proper brushing and flossing daily will prevent plaque accumulation and increase the life of your teeth filling. Limit the amount of sugary food and drinks. Fillings don’t last forever, as they can wear out, crack or leak and need to be repaired or replaced. Regular dental checkup and professional dental cleanings are important for your dentist to monitor your teeth and fillings.

Tooth Filling Cost

The cost of tooth cavity filling depends on the extent of decay, location of the tooth to be filled and type of material used for filling. The cost will be higher if you have cavities in different teeth needing multiple fillings. Also, if the cavity is difficult to access, requiring special equipment and more time it may add to the cost. Call Signature Smiles today to schedule a consultation and understand the cost of dental fillings. We offer cavity fillings at an affordable cost to fit your budget. Our expert dentists will analyze your teeth and provide the solution that best suits your needs. We offer the highest quality dental services, using state-of-the-art technology in a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

So if you are suffering from tooth ache, sensitivity or think you need a cavity, make an appointment today with our dentist at Signature Smiles.

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Average Treatment Time : 30 mins

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Average No of sittings- 1

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