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Signature Smiles is a modern, hi-tech and ISO certified chain of multi-specialty dental clinics in Mumbai, India. Headed by Dr. Rahul Oza, it has a team of super specialists that is dedicated towards delivering all dental treatment under one roof.

We strive to provide high quality, personalized dental care in a relaxing, comfortable and safe environment. Lifelong relationships are created with our patients based on trust and honesty. Our experienced dentists are trained to handle all dental treatments, from simple dental fillings to complex dental procedures.

All through your time with Signature Smiles, our caring and dedicated team of dentists and staff will provide you with the best service in a warm and relaxing ambience. You will benefit from the latest state of the art innovations in dentistry like the Digital Smile Design and Facial Aesthetic Software, Digital impressions and much more.

We take time to genuinely understand our patient’s needs and perspective and then provide customized solutions to transform their dental health. Visit Signature Smiles to experience life-changing dentistry at affordable costs !

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Signature Smiles received the ‘Best Iconic Dental Clinic in Mumbai, India‘ Presented by Health Minister, Dr. Deepak Sawant

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Dental tourism is a concept that sees people travelling worldwide for getting superior dental treatments.

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    Mary JakschMary Jaksch
    16:14 22 Jan 24
    My remarkable experience with the Signature Smiles Clinic in Juju, Mumbai - where I underwent a procedure for five implants with bone augmentation - can be summed up in two words: INTEGRITY and CARE. I wholeheartedly recommend Signature Smiles!Being based in New Zealand, I initially had reservations about traveling to India for dental implants. However, it was one of the best health decisions I've made.From the outset, my trust in the clinic was bolstered by Aalok, the Manager for patients from abroad. He responded to my numerous email inquiries with detailed answers and a gracious demeanor. Aalok's warm and caring personality conveyed a genuine desire for my comfort. As a solo traveler, safety is paramount, and I appreciated the Smile Signature team's commitment to my well-being and safety.Upon arrival, I was immediately impressed by the clinic's state-of-the-art technical and digital setup. Even having visited renown dental clinics in Germany, New Zealand, and Argentina, I had never before encountered a dental clinic of such high caliber.Dr. Rahul Oza went above and beyond to ensure feIt relaxed and understood the treatment plan. He patiently walked me through the X-rays and 3D images, explaining the necessity of each step. Dr. Oza's extensive training, remarkable skill, and integrity were evident, and his genuinely kind nature assured me that I was in capable and caring hands.The entire process was seamless, with a friendly driver facilitating my airport transports and ferrying me to my appointments. Aalok even organized a complimentary day tour of Mumbai, which I thoroughly enjoyed. A few days later, a thoughtful and knowledgeable staff member took me to experience ancient caves in a nearby National Park.The whole team worked together to ensure I got excellent treatment and had an enjoyable overall experience. I look forward to returning to Mumbai to reconnect with the wonderful people at Signature Smiles and complete my treatment.
    Faizal AzimFaizal Azim
    19:27 13 Jan 24
    I recently had the pleasure of receiving dental treatment at Signature Smiles from Dr. Rahul, Dr. Divyesh, Dr. Ragini, and their amazing team, and I couldn't be happier with the results! From the moment I walked into their clinic, I was greeted with a warm and friendly atmosphere. The entire team showed great professionalism and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process.Dr. Rahul, Dr. Divyesh and their team are truly experts in their respective fields. They took the time to listen to my concerns and explain the treatment plan in a way that was easy to understand. Their attention to detail and precision during the procedure gave me confidence that I was in good hands.Not only did they provide exceptional dental care, but they also went above and beyond to ensure my comfort. They were attentive, caring, and always made sure I was at ease. The entire team had a genuine passion for what they do, and it truly showed in the results.Thanks to their expertise and dedication. The treatment exceeded my expectations, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.Special thanks to Aalok, who has been absolutely outstanding in taking care of all the logistics and appointments. He has been really made the whole process so smooth and hassle-free. It's great to have someone like Aalok who goes above and beyond to ensure everything runs seamlessly. And let's not forget about Manoj, the driver who has been absolutely amazing in handling all the pickups and drop-offs, including the airport transfers and appointments.Thank you Signature Smiles, for giving back my smile. I would highly recommend their team to anyone in need of dental care.From New Zealand.
    17:10 11 Jan 24
    Loved the whole experience. Dr. Sanyukta is very patient and explains everything well before the treatment which is of superior quality.
    Kit WrayKit Wray
    02:37 08 Jan 24
    MY EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE AT SIGNATURE SMILES - C. WrayI am grateful to have gone to Signature Smiles in Juhu, Mumbai for the extensive dental work I needed. Dr. Rahul Oza's high degree of expertise in implantology and dental surgery is far beyond the usual level, combined with his long experience and genuine personal dedication.In my case, old bridges had fallen apart, leaving me with limited chewing surfaces and no upper front teeth. Extensive bone deterioration had created a serious under-bite.Session One at Signature Smiles began with meeting Dr. Rahul while he showed me an enlarged scan of my mouth that he had thoroughly studied.Other dentists had done random patchwork repairs. Dr. Rahul recommended a full restoration of upper and lower teeth, so that the whole mouth would work together in a coordinated way.I realized that I was in considerate, experienced hands and knew that I could trust Dr. Rahul's advice. Work began with tooth extractions and removal of old implants, followed by bone-restoration. For the bone to heal properly, my case required three visits rather than the usual two.Session Two was for implants, but entailed far more than the standard implant work:Dr. Rahul envisioned a unique overall plan: New implants had to be placed at a precisely-determined degree of angle. Specially angled posts would then support an unusual upper bridge to correct for the gross misalignment.Session Three involved the creation of bridges for a full set of new crowns:During lengthy sessions, Dr. Rahul took additional steps that involved the most precise measuring. The unique upper bridge he designed would restore a normal bite while ensuring that upper and lower crowns met with precision. In close communication with the laboratory, he then made multiple fine-tuning adjustments on the final crowns.The final result seemed miraculous: Dr. Rahul created a totally new set of upper and lower teeth that align perfectly. Most amazing, the specially-crafted upper bridge successfully corrected for the massive bone-loss and exaggerated under-bite. My whole mouth now works together as never before.Dr. Rahul's masterful work feels comfortable and looks excellent. I deeply appreciate the extra time, hard work and considerate attention he invested in order to accurately and successfully renew my mouth. He is a dedicated artist in this field.Finally, Signature Smiles also offers a calm, supportive, and healing environment. Aalok, the main contact person and coordinator of patient's visits, was a vital personal help, always encouraging. The friendly staff are thoroughly skilled as they assist in many kinds of procedures.I am honored to have met Dr. Rahul Oza and every fine individual working at Signature Smiles. It was a very warm experience, overall, and well worth the journey to India.To greet the world again with a smile and a full set of teeth restores a confident relationship to life. Also, the total cost was most reasonable, saving me a fortune.Clearly, other patients were receiving the same individually-designed care to successfully deal with problems unique to each case. I sincerely recommend Dr. Rahul Oza at Signature Smiles in Juhu to anyone seeking the highest level of personalized dental care from an experienced doctor they can totally trust.Christopher John WrayNY State, USA
    peter wallinpeter wallin
    05:43 18 Dec 23
    Aalok and his whole Professional team are Absolutely Awesome if you require any full on Dental Procedure’s done ! Do not hesitate to have a chat with Aalok, he will definitely point you in the right direction! It’s not for the faint hearted, can be painful and quite Challenging at times! But that all said and done my procedure finished I’m totally Satisfied with my end result! It’s a hell of a lot Cheaper than Australia, Uk, NZ, SA, USA Anyway I know!🤣You will be looked 💯 % ,from a Professional talented driver who transfers you from hotel to dentist every visit ! Airport pick ups and drop offs! If you’re in need of desperate Dental work, what’s 1 month out of your life to achieve that? Just have the BALLS and go do it, trust me you won’t Regret it!👍❤️❤️ I’m more than Happy with my end Result thanks Again Signature Smiles!❤️
    Esha MaldeEsha Malde
    12:03 29 Nov 23
    This was truly the best dental experience I have ever had. Dr. Sanyukta understood all that was needed to be done and guided me in the best possible way. From their advanced technology to great hygiene, everything was top notch quality. They also made me the best coffee there!Signature Smiles is now my go to clinic for all my oral concerns.
    Manx CorranManx Corran
    10:52 02 Sep 23
    I cannot speak highly enough of this team at Signature Smiles in Juhu, Mumbai.From the very first Email from Aalok with my quote right up to today, my last appointment.They are SO organised and extremely professional.Picked up at the airport by Manoj their driver (who I have to say is the BEST driver in the world) taken to my hotel then to and from every appointment (and anywhere else I needed to go)As soon as you step foot into their rooms you're made to feel relaxed and welcome.I was travelling alone and this was my first time in India so I was a little wary, but had absolutely nothing to fear.Aalok at reception went above and beyond to help with anything, not just the dentist stuff, with anything, he even help me sort out my laundry!The dentists themselves Dr Rahul Oza and Dr Divyesh are amazing perfectionists and beautiful people.I would not have been able to leave until there until they were sure that every procedure was 100% correct and that I was 100% happy, which I am!I have absolutely NO HESITATION in recommending this team to anyone who is thinking about getting dental work done. YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPPOINTED!My new implants and crowns look amazing, I'm over the moon with the work they've done AND at a fraction of the cost of what I would have had to pay In Australia.Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I will never forget you.Signature Smiles - You are the BEST 👌 😁
    ray vanderklyray vanderkly
    09:56 31 Jul 23
    More than happy with the work carried out by the team at Signature Smiles. The professionalism and willingness to explain and explore all options was very satisfying. I also felt the team aim was customer satisfaction....not to mention the more than reasonable cost.
    It was an excellent experience getting dental treatment, despite my slight nervousness. My first visit here made me realize that dental treatments can be just as effective as therapy. best place for holistic dental care. ♥️♥️
    Rohit SutharRohit Suthar
    17:31 28 Jun 23
    I would strongly recommend Signature Smile Dental Care to anyone in need of a root canal or other dental operation. Their professional workforce, relaxing setting, and commitment to patient care make them a top pick. Thank you, Signature Smile Dental Clinic, for your great service and for making my root canal procedure painless and successful
    Bhavya JainBhavya Jain
    16:57 28 Jun 23
    The signature smile clinic's dedication to patient comfort was one of the highlights of my visit. My everyday activities were unaffected by the aligners because they were comfortable to wear. I liked how they were removable for meals or special occasions. Because of this convenience, the treatment was able to smoothly fit into my daily routine
    Ninad Nb5Ninad Nb5
    16:12 28 Jun 23
    15:57 28 Jun 23
    The entire Signature Smile experience was wonderful and painless for me. The doctors were really professional and provided all of the details regarding the dental treatment I needed to have done prior. In terms of the end result, I am very pleased with the Dentist's work and would recommend Signature Smile to anyone searching for a high-quality dental experience in Mumbai
    Maryam FarhatMaryam Farhat
    09:45 04 Jun 23
    Hello beautiful peopleI’ve never been to a dentist before and was super scared to go to one and always prayed that I don’t end up on that chair but sometimes your fears play better scenarios in your head than a Bollywood movie but my experience at signature smiles was comforting and the opposite, The Doc was welcoming and friendly and explained to me everything in detail that I should be aware ofI visited them for a cleaning session as I had bleeding gums which I didn’t even know until my consult also did go for a teeth whitening.The procedure was quite simple and painless it took me around 30 mins and I was doneMy teeth looked whiter and my gums stronger. Next time you have any dental troubles you can rely on signature smiles
    ernst gobaldernst gobald
    05:51 14 Jul 22
    My Experience with Signature Smiles Mumbai- Juhu has been elite. My dental work consisted of three visits to Mumbai. Trip #1 was a bone graft on the top and bottom side with a sinus lift (7.5hr procedure). Trip #2, occurred 6 months later with 10 implants, 5 on top, 5 on bottom. Trip #3, was 2.5 years later (thanks to the closure of borders in Western Australia and COVID) I finally had 21 crowns fitted and a new smile. I would like to be clear that Signature Smiles is an incredibly attentive, transparent, and genuine clinic that goes above and beyond for their patients. From the minute my wife and I enquired about coming to Mumbai, Aalok was diligent in planning and coordinating our stay in Mumbai with recommendations of hotels, places to eat and clear timelines for the dental work needed. When arriving in Mumbai all three times, we were met by Manoj who was our driver for our entire stay. Manoj was like Mario Kart, he picked us up from the airport and was our primary means of transport to get to and from the clinic as well as other errands which was a great relief.I have never met a Doctor that is as meticulous and particular than Dr. Rahul. He is a veteran specialist that shows incredible attention to detail to his work. On my 3rd trip to Mumbai, my daughter accompanied me, she received a dental clean from Dr. Swapna where she found a small cavity on the front of her tooth, (clearly missed by her dentist in Perth who she saw 3 weeks prior to Mumbai), again, they never miss a thing. Further, we were incredibly grateful and appreciative of the ladies in the clinic. A special mention to Purnashree who took time out of her work day one afternoon to take my daughter to the markets. As I was in the chair for over five hours I was relieved to know my daughter was well taken care of. Overall, I recommend the clinic to any and all, they are true professionals that use the most advanced tools, technology and machines.I’d like to also recognize their strong respect for listening and guiding their patients for any needs during their stay in Mumbai as well as aftercare. Thank you, Dr. Rahul and the rest of the Signature Smiles team, for my new smile and improved quality of life!
    Mohsin NMohsin N
    04:26 14 Jul 22
    Got great results from zoom whitening. Good price as well
    Mona DesaiMona Desai
    08:37 18 Jun 22
    I did my implants with Dr Rahul and he has done an excellent job. I was scared initially but after being attended by him all my fears and apprehensions are gone. I highly recommend him to everyone. The hygiene standards are excellent.
    Ya WaeedYa Waeed
    16:43 03 Jun 22
    The truth is, I can say that I am happy with the result, and my choice was successful in treating your clinic... Everyone enjoys the professionalism and effort to make the patient happy. All thanks to you allAbdallahUAE
    Tony DunstallTony Dunstall
    06:12 01 May 22
    Hello my name is Tony Dunstall I highly recommend this Dental Clinic to anyone who looking for dental treatments I had major dental work done. They have done excellent work so happy with the results. The service can't be faulted they take you to and from the airport.also give a list of accommodation near dental clinic and pick-up for all your appointments take back to your hotel .Everyone at dental clinic is very friendly helpful. TONY

    marta mapa.eyefishmarta mapa.eyefish
    04:43 27 Dec 23
    Mira PadraiMira Padrai
    11:01 08 Dec 23
    I've never met a more patient-focused dental clinic than Signature Smiles, a reputable dentist in Bandra West. The doctors are not just experts; they are great listeners. The staff makes the entire experience seamless and stress-free.
    chaitali talekarchaitali talekar
    12:55 07 Dec 23
    Visiting Signature Smiles Dental Clinic is like visiting friends who happen to be exceptional dentists in Bandra. The entire team is welcoming, and the doctors are approachable and skilled. I've never had a dental experience this pleasant.
    nikhil agarwalnikhil agarwal
    10:55 06 Dec 23
    I've been consistently impressed by the professionalism of the staff at Signature Smiles Dental Clinic in Bandra West. From the moment you walk in, you're greeted with a warm smile and made to feel at home. The doctors are knowledgeable and take the time to explain everything in detail." The cost was also affordable. I would highly recommend this to all my friends and family 😀
    Shweta LembarkarShweta Lembarkar
    05:08 05 Dec 23
    I can't praise the professionalism of the staff at Signature Smiles Dental Clinic enough. The doctors' expertise is matched by their patience and kindness. They take the time to understand your needs and provide personalized care, making them stand out as a top dental clinic in Bandra West.
    Bairi NitinBairi Nitin
    05:21 28 Nov 23
    From the moment you walk in, the service at Signature Smiles Dental Clinic is exceptional. The staff is attentive and friendly, and the doctors are a wealth of knowledge. It's a place where you can trust that you're in good hands, making it a top choice for a dentist in Bandra.
    ashish takteashish takte
    04:05 24 Nov 23
    What sets Signature Smiles Dental Clinic, a premier dental clinic in Bandra West, apart is their staff's dedication to patient comfort. The dentists are not only skilled but also compassionate. They go the extra mile to ensure you have a pleasant experience. It's a clinic where you'll always leave with a smile.
    Parminder Kaur JandooParminder Kaur Jandoo
    06:29 21 Nov 23
    At Signature Smiles Dental Clinic, the exceptional service extends beyond being just a dentist in Bandra. The staff is attentive, and the doctors are truly caring. They take the time to listen to your concerns and provide you with the best advice. It's a place where you feel valued as a patient.
    Sandeep BaglaSandeep Bagla
    09:58 23 Jul 23
    My recent experience at Signature Smile Bandra was above expectations. Dr Ragini Parmar and her staff were efficient & reassuring, and resolved all my teething issues, without any pain. Recommend highly. You are in safe hands.
    kasak hassankasak hassan
    08:27 08 Jul 23
    Steve DellSteve Dell
    03:40 01 Jul 23
    The best dentist i have ever been to! After many years of pain, Dr Tan fast tracked me in to remove 4 of my wisdom teeth in one visit. It was a complicated procedure but they resolved my problem and I am forever grateful 🙏
    Shivam GuptaShivam Gupta
    16:58 28 Jun 23
    I've been seeing the Signature Smile Clinic for my aligner treatment for quite some time. The experience has been amazing from the first to the last day of the treatment. The doctors here are experts in their fields and will provide you with the best care possible. They develop personalized and customized treatment regimens that work around your schedule, which I appreciated. The specialists' high-quality service and extensive expert knowledge work wonders for your teeth and oral hygiene. I am really pleased with the care and experience I have received. Thank you, especially to the dentist who took on my case.
    Subhash GuptaSubhash Gupta
    16:50 28 Jun 23
    I'm thankful I came across such competent and professional doctors at the correct time. The clinic is very well-organized, and the hygiene is excellent. My fear of dentists vanished the moment I met the dentist. He was really encouraging and walked me through my therapy, and the doctor who performed my root canal was also very polite and honest about my treatment. The clinic's location is quite convenient. After all of my trips and checkups, I was satisfied. Doctors also followed up following treatment, making my recuperation quick and painless. I have no criticisms
    madhav hokarnemadhav hokarne
    16:05 28 Jun 23
    I just went to Signature Smile Dental Studio for a food lodgment problem in my teeth. The doctors have extensive experience, and the staff is courteous. The medical personnel is quite professional. For me, it was a painless process. I highly suggest this facility for all dental needs.
    Mihir SutharMihir Suthar
    15:56 28 Jun 23
    Signature Smile's dentists are among the best that I've experienced. The procedure was painless. They were not just technically competent, but also sensitive and empathetic. She educated me on the nature and progression of the disease, explained all possible treatment methods with predicted outcomes, patiently answered all of my questions, and actively involved me in the decision-making process. Their cheerful approach assists me in being calm throughout the operation.
    Anitra HaydayAnitra Hayday
    11:28 30 Apr 22
    I had a really great experience at this clinic and really trusted my dentist! Nice and clean space and very skilled practitioners. I will be going back to this clinic 🙂 Highly recommend!
    Ankita GaikwadAnkita Gaikwad
    11:19 13 Jan 22
    Ambiance is very good staffs are so polite I got the best treatment
    mihir bhatwkarmihir bhatwkar
    10:33 13 Jan 22
    Signature Smiles staff are friendly and caring professionals. They are extremely competent, meticulous, and skilled in dentistry and patient care. Over the years, I have had fillings, crowns, and cleanings. All done without problems or stress. This includes work done for my mother and cousin’s wife. They also make use of the latest technology to enhance services. I would recommend Signature Smiles
    Sudhakar PujariSudhakar Pujari
    10:24 13 Jan 22
    Very good experience. The attention was great. The doctor is very punctual and they don't make you wait. I was very happy with the results, Definitely recommend him.
    jeet popatjeet popat
    10:01 13 Jan 22
    Treatment is undoubtedly good,most important thing safety measures are taken into consideration.

    Karuna PawarKaruna Pawar
    07:56 28 Nov 23
    I am constantly visiting signature smiles lokhandwala clinic since last 1 yr & received excellent results for my dental treatment especially want to thank Dr. Smriti for giving me the beautiful smile i always wanted to have,the staff over there is also very kind & helpful... really the painless procedure impressed me & can help anyone who is nervous before any dental treatment .... excellent wonderful experience it was ..... keep it up 👍
    Neel KapdiNeel Kapdi
    10:45 09 Nov 23
    Great experience with SS; everyone there was excellent, especially Dr. Smriti.
    Reba MondalReba Mondal
    11:41 19 Oct 23
    Such a worst experience. After clearing money they don't give a damn about their patients . They didn't even slove my problem. Worst dentist ever
    aksshat pandeaksshat pande
    07:59 17 Oct 23
    Every aspect of the clinic is very good and comfortable. The behaviour and patient handling is awesome. We have always had a very good and satisfying experience with Signature Smiles.
    Khushboo MishraKhushboo Mishra
    12:24 02 Aug 23
    Recently, I visited Signature Smiles in Andheri, Mumbai. The experience was great, and the dentists were very professional in their approach. Will visit them again soon.
    Kinjal MeharchandaniKinjal Meharchandani
    08:08 02 Aug 23
    I visited the Andheri branch of Signature Smiles for my cavity filling treatment. I was going through a lot of pain and the doctors made me feel calmer with their good advice. The procedure went smooth and overall the ambience was good. I look forward to my next session with Signature Smiles.
    Suzanne SaldanhaSuzanne Saldanha
    15:38 13 Jul 23
    Signature Smiles has been no less than a miracle for my perfect smile.1. Clinic - the branch is hygienic & well equipped with all the devices that are needed for dental check ups (scanners, x-rays).2. Staff - I had my consultation done by Dr. Smriti for my dental issues & she suggested to undergo orthodontic treatment, followed by fixing of the dental caps. Each follow ups were done on timely basis & as per my convenience, all thanks to receptionist Dimple who would keep me posted with appointment timings & dates beforehand via calls & texts.I would like to acknowledge Dr. Smriti for always clearing all of the doubts that I had with treatments & providing me with much needed dental tips on oral hygiene. Big shoutout to Dr. Siddharth for carrying out the ortho treatment in an accurate manner! Not to forget Mr. Arun who was always available to assist the dentists. Dr. Neha is an amazing & sweetest dentist who assisted me as well!I would like to thank the staff once again for giving me a smile, that not just boosted my confidence but also made people compliment me!! Would highly recommend people to visit this branch for dental treatment.
    Amritaa VarmaAmritaa Varma
    11:18 06 Jul 23
    This clinic is absolutely amazing! First of all its easily accessible, super clean and beautiful interiors!I was having tooth pain and sensitivity for long, Dr Neha Malhotra clinically assesed, took an xray and showed me my cavities. She explained to me the course of treatment, the time it would require and the end result. I was very scared and apprehensive of dental work and asked many questions. Dr Neha cleared all my doubts, she was very patient. She is clearly very knowledgeable and humble as she explained everything to me in a manner I would understand.Dr Neha Malhotra is not only very skilled and professional, she is warm and welcoming. She put pleasing music for me because I told her I'm anxious, it's little things like this that made my experience great! She was very aware of any discomfort I may be having during the procedure, she made sure I was not in pain during entire treatment. I was extremely satisfied with her exceptional skill as well as compassion. I know that if anyone has experienced dental pain, they know it's really unbearable; having a doctor like Dr Neha understand that and provide a pain free treatment is remarkable!While I was leaving, I also met Dr Smriti who also sounded very proficient. I left the clinic pain free and with very sound advice on oral hygiene.Big shout out to dental assistant- Arun and receptionist- Dimple at Signature Smiles lokhandwala. I always used to dread dental appointments, but this team, especially Dr Neha has made them very pleasant and comfortable.
    rachna goenkarachna goenka
    08:48 23 Apr 23
    Please don't go by delicate frame of Dr. Neha. She is a skilled and meticulous dentist. Happy to take treatment from her.
    Divya SinghDivya Singh
    06:51 22 Apr 23
    I took a gum surgery and mouth cleaning treatment from signature smiles andheri lokhandwala. Their staff is really good. Dr. Smriti made me comfortable during the whole surgery process. She did an excellent job. Definitely a skilled dentist.
    poorva vidwanspoorva vidwans
    06:51 28 Feb 23
    In Oct 22, I needed a dentist to change my front teeth caps and fix a gum bruise.Google introduced me to Signature Smiles- just a right thing for me.To my horror, my dental problems were much more serious than I anticipated. There were many hidden cavities and couple of old root canals needed attention.Since I could visit only on Saturdays, the treatment became very lengthy. The thought of spending 3 to 4 hours every week  for couple of months was giving me shivers. But thanks to the signature smiles’ professional yet warm team, the experience was bearable.Let me start with the Doctor.  Dr. Smriti . Clearly one of the best doctor I have ever met, she possesses all the qualities a good doctor should have. She is empathetic, has a knack of understanding what patient wants and suggest solutions which are optimized on the effort/cost/result. She was more anxious than me about quality of the outcome. This resulted in countless discussions with her lab and one actual visit to the lab. But she dint compromise even a bit on aesthetics. Also, her efforts to minimize my pain were commendable.Cant overlook her assistants-  Arun and Dimple. Arun assisted the doctor most of the times and he was very attentive and prompt. He always used to remember which elements troubled me and used to remind the Doctor to use alternate. Him and Dimple- with their support, smile and small talks – always made me comfortable.About the result. Since my front teeth caps on them were not true match to rest of my teeth;  I used to avoid full smile while I was in public. My new caps made by the clinic (Front teeth and pre-molar) are blending well with other teeth and looking very natural.Thanks a lot for bringing my smile back 🙂
    Charulata PandyaCharulata Pandya
    12:32 22 Mar 22
    Their Service is Excellent. Doctor is very meticulous about all details and takes care of customer comfort and satisfaction. She has good knowledge about her job. She took much pain to ensure that I get the best fit and match. I am satisfied with my implant. She gave me appointment before her office hours as, I was busy with my work. Which, I really appreciate. All staff is co-operative and customer friendly. Ready to help at any time. Very good job and Very good service👍.
    Sameera TopiwalaSameera Topiwala
    08:01 27 Jan 22
    I’ve been going to Signature Smiles Lokhandwala since 2020 and have loved the doctors and treatment given. There are no unnecessary treatments suggested which is a practice in a lot of other clinics. Dr Smriti was very kind to explain all the processes in detail for both my root canal and treatment for bruxism and did a very good job in getting everything done on a short timeline. Would highly recommend!
    Jatin BhimjiyaniJatin Bhimjiyani
    12:42 22 Jul 21
    Very customer friendly.Dr Smriti Mehra did a very good treatment.They even educate the customer about the treatment rather than just doing it. That greater.
    Shivi ShinghalShivi Shinghal
    19:12 07 Apr 21
    Dr. Vineet at signature smiles clinic is not just a best dentist to consult for any problem you have regarding teeth related but a most polite human you will be ever meeting.I got my smile makeover done by him. And the satisfaction I have from the work done is pure Bliss .I would be recommending everyone who desire to get perfect smile or anything related to teeth done, that too in minimum price .Go choose Signature smile 😊 and you will be grateful to the suggestion.Specially Dr. Vineet give you all comfort to put your queries and have a great patience to answer every question in your head.You will not regret.I hope the suggestion helps you.😊Sharing pictures to helpBefore and after
    Dave O'RileyDave O'Riley
    17:10 09 May 17
    Right from the beginning my experience has been extremely positive with Signature Smiles. The initial contact to get an idea of the costs for treatment proposals from the US were met with prompt and accurate estimates. I was able to review the credentials of the Doctors from the information supplied and it was easy to make my final decision to come to India. In addition to India I had reviewed treatment options in Thailand, Costa Rico, and Mexico. The costs proved to be considerably lower in India and the Doctors credentials in all locations were excellent. Once my decision was made I was assisted by signature smiles in locating a hotel and help was offered in obtaining my Visa. Everything went along smoothlyOnce here I was met promptly at the airport by the driver who took me to the hotel. From there the process has gone smoothly. Prompt pickup at the times specified an exhilarating ride thru Mumbai to the appointments which were always on time.One of the things I really thought was great was the fact that the Doctors listened to me and addressed my concerns and answered all my questions. They also suggested an alternate treatment plan which would be far less costly than what was originally discussed. At the same time it would preserve my natural teeth, which is normally a preferred option over implants that were suggested by my Doctors back home.The treatment itself was amazing. From the removal of my old bridge and crowns to the root canals, then the extraction, shaping of the teeth and finally the multiple fittings to be sure everything was correct before the permanent teeth were cemented in place. All along the way the Doctors and dental Assistants were concerned for my well being and made sure that all discomfort issues were dealt with. I couldn’t believe the speed and skill with which the root canals were done. The shaping of the teeth and final crown fabrication was a work of art. The Doctors always seemed happy with their favorite music playing and their lively discussions with their most capable assistants.I am almost disappointed that I don’t have to come back.I will certainly recommend Signature Smiles to my friends back home and use every opportunity I have to let others know of my wonderful experience here.Mr Dave – Rhinebeck, NY Nov. 2016.

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    Do you need visa and How to get Visa?

    Yes, you need a Valid Passport and Visa to come to India. It is very simple and easy to get a Visit Visa to India for your Dental Treatment. You can apply visa online on

    How do I book flights? Do you help out with the booking?

    From your home country, the travel destination would be Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus -2 Mumbai, India. Our Chauffeur would be waiting for you at the Airport to pick you up and drop you at the Hotel. For best flight deals, you can refer to

    What services does your dental clinic offer?

    Smile Makeover/ Smile Designing
    Dental Implant
    Invisible Braces
    Instant Teeth Whitening
    Full Mouth Rehabilitations
    General Dentistry/ Dental Treatments
    Ceramic Veneers
    Crowns & Bridges
    Gum Surgeries
    Root Canal Treatement
    Surgical Extraction
    Cosmetic Dentistry

    Travel Insurance

    We recommend that you purchase a comprehensive travel medical insurance that covers you for emergency illnesses, injuries or accidents when travelling abroad.

    Which currency to do you accept? Currency exchange

    We accept payment only in Indian Rupees. You can either pay by Cash (Indian Rupees) or by Debit / Credit Card. We accept all major card (VISA / MASTER / AMEX). If you are carrying foreign currency, we will assist you in getting it exchanged to Indian rupees.

    Where do I get accommodations?

    Once your appointment is confirmed, our patient coordinators will assist you choose best hotels for accommodations.

    What would be the Weather like/ Climate/ Clothes/ Accessories?

    Generally the climate or weather in Mumbai is hot and humid. Monsoon occurs during the months between June and September. Winters set in from October and lasts until early February, but they are not very cold.

    You can wear light summer clothes (airy cotton or rayon tops and breezy pants/ skirts/shorts) and you can keep a lightweight jacket as you may feel cold in the clinic when you are undergoing a treatment. Additionally, carry an umbrella if travelling during monsoons.