Restore your smile to its full health and beauty.

There are times when a person’s teeth are severely compromised (decayed teeth, gum infection, loss of teeth, worn out teeth, collapsed bite, etc. ) and they are unable to eat properly which in turn undermines the overall health.

Full mouth rehabilitation, also known as Full mouth reconstruction, is required to rejuvenate the oral health, self-confidence and overall well being. With Full mouth rehabilitation, patients can get a new life with a completely new and fully functional, natural looking teeth.

Full mouth rehabilitation is a combination of various treatments like Dental Implants, Gum treatment, Restorative dentistry (crowns/bridges), Smile correction, Root canal treatment or Cavity filling for decayed teeth, Extraction of teeth which cannot be salvaged, etc.

Our dentists at Signature Smiles have extensive experience and will rebuild and return the mouth to its full function. Since full mouth rehabilitation includes multiple treatments, it is important that each treatment is addressed by their respective specialist/ dental expert.

  • Root Canals by Endodontist
  • Extraction by Oral Surgeon
  • Gum Treatment by Periodontist
  • Implants by Implantologist
  • Crowns/ Bridges/ Restorative work by Prosthodontist

This teamwork has helped hundreds of people achieve their ideal dental health. Contact us today to get your dental needs met!


At Signature Smiles we ensure that each patient receives the best full mouth rehabilitation which is customized to his or her needs. The various options for a full mouth rehabilitation include
dental implant

Dental Implants

Crown And Bridges

Dental Crowns

Ceramic Braces

Dental Veneers

Crown And Bridges

Dental Bridges



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Root Canal Treatment


At Signature Smiles Full Mouth Rehabilitation is customized according to your needs and hence the cost will differ from one patient to the other. The overall price for full mouth rehabilitation depends on the number of missing and damaged teeth as well as the combination of restorative and cosmetic dental procedures and technology used to rebuild and enhance your smile. The number and type of implants placed as well as the materials used also affect the final cost.

Our dentists will provide the patient with the complete understanding of the dental treatment and what to anticipate beforehand. This helps to alleviate any fears and prepares the patients in advance. Our caring and dedicated team of dentists and staff will provide you with the best service in a warm and relaxing environment.

At Signature Smiles you will receive the best full mouth rehabilitation treatment at the most affordable price without overpaying. To receive an accurate price quote schedule a consultation with one of our dental specialists today.

Start a new life with Full Mouth Rehabilitation.

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Average Treatment Time : depends on the number of teeth involved

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Average No of sittings- 10

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Cost of Full Mouth Rehabilitation :