Teeth Scaling & Polishing

Scaling and polishing of teeth are the best ways to prevent dental disease and keep your smile at its healthiest best. A good oral hygiene routine, which consists of daily brushing and flossing, is important. But even with meticulous home hygiene, some plaque and tartar still remain in the mouth, especially in those hard-to-reach areas. Regular scaling and polishing of teeth is vital to get rid of these deposits and prevent them from causing dental problems in the future.

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What is teeth scaling and polishing

Teeth scaling and polishing are part of the routine preventive professional dental cleaning. Teeth scaling is the procedure that removes plaque, calculus and stains from teeth. Plaque is a soft, colourless-to-whitish film that is made up of bacteria. It constantly forms on the surface of teeth and gums. When plaque hardens due to the precipitation of minerals from saliva, it becomes calculus or tartar. Calculus is deposited on the tooth surface along the gum line as well as below it. It is quite tough to be removed by tooth brushing alone. Together, plaque and calculus cause havoc on your oral health and give rise to a number of serious dental issues, right from bad breath to cavities and gum inflammation known as gingivitis. If not treated, it leads to the destruction of the tissues that surround and support the teeth, which causes what is known as periodontitis. Receding gums, gums pulling away from teeth leading to pocket formation, infection, bleeding and dull aches are all symptoms of periodontitis. Calculus can be removed only by a dentist through the process of scaling.

Polishing gets rid of the remaining debris to make the tooth surface smooth. Thus, scaling and polishing together remove plaque, calculus, and stains deposited on the surfaces of teeth.

Unfortunately, a majority of people realize the seriousness of oral diseases only when they start to notice symptoms. So, neglecting your oral health, like skipping regular dental checkups and scaling and polishing, as well as improper oral care at home, can cause severe problems with your gums and teeth.

Benefits of Scaling and polishing

  1. Teeth scaling and polishing treats gingivitis and prevent the progression of severe gum disease called periodontitis. Thus, both procedures help prevent tooth loss. It becomes more important for people who have certain risk factors like improper oral hygiene, crooked and rotated teeth, stress, hormonal changes, and more. These increase the risk of dental problems, making scaling and polishing a necessity.
  2. Helps in the elimination of bad breath. Chronic gum disease, as well as tooth decay, can lead to bad breath. By improving gum health with scaling and polishing, bad breath can be eliminated.
  3. It is a non-invasive approach to restoring gum health. Mild to moderate gum disease can be effectively treated with scaling, root planning and polishing.
  4. Prevents tooth decay and cavities.
  5. Removes stains and discolouration of teeth.

Steps of Scaling and Polishing

  • Dental specialists at Signature Smiles use special instruments to gently scrape away tartar and deposits from each surface of the tooth on all sides as well as in between teeth, at and below the gum line.
  • Special hand instruments called ‘dental scalers’ are used to remove deposits meticulously.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning tools with a vibrating tip can be used as well.
  • The water jet spray washes away all the debris, which is removed by the suction tool. Our patients find this procedure quick, comfortable and pain-free.
  • This is followed by teeth polishing to remove stains and discolouration and make your teeth shiny and squeaky clean!
  • Deep dental cleaning, which consists of scaling and root planning, is done for patients with plaque and tartar deposits below the gum line, as is the case in periodontal disease. The plaque and tartar deposits from the root surface are removed so that gum tissues reattach to the tooth structure and restore gum health.
  • Depending on your findings of decay or gum disease, our dentist will guide you on your brushing and flossing technique. For the majority of patients, this is a completely painless procedure. In cases of severe gum disease, patients might experience some temporary discomfort, which can be effectively controlled by numbing the area.
  • Scaling and polishing treatments are recommended every six months to keep your gums and teeth in the best of health. In fact, neglecting your oral health and avoiding teeth scaling and polishing can lead to serious problems in the future and add to the cost of your dental treatment.

Teeth Scaling & Polishing Treatment Cost

Our talented and caring dental specialists at Signature Smiles dental clinic have extensive experience in performing scaling and polishing. They use the most advanced technologies and tools to provide a comfortable experience for our patients. The utmost care is taken to explain the procedure as well as the cost of scaling and polishing treatment. If you have not undergone scaling and polishing in the last six months and would like to know its cost in Mumbai, contact Signature Smiles today. The cost of teeth scaling and polishing treatment varies from one person to the other depending on the severity of the plaque and tartar deposits and extent of gums problems. The more extensive the procedure and deeper the cleaning, the higher the price. We make sure that it is an affordable procedure for everyone.

Call Signature Smiles dental clinic in Mumbai today to find out more about dental scaling and polishing therapy and its cost.

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Average Treatment Time : 20 mins

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Average No of sittings- 1

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