Dental implants

Get a strong and natural looking smile with All on 6 Dental Implants

All on 6 dental implants is a procedure by which we can replace your entire upper and/or lower teeth with six implants i.e. 12 Teeth supported on 6 Implants in each Jaw .These implants provide a strong foundation for the new replacement teeth.

Most people believe that if 28 teeth are missing ,equal number of dental implants will be needed to replace them. But that is a myth and only 6 -8 are needed in each jaw.

What are the benefits of All-on-6 dental implants?

  • No need of Removable Dentures which interfere in speech,taste and esthetics
  • In comparison with traditional dentures, all on six dental implants avoid bone loss that is usually common with missing teeth.
  • They reverse signs of ageing and give support to facial structures like the Lip and Cheeks
  • They are not difficult to maintain and your oral hygiene routine is the same as for your natural teeth.
  • Your implant supported bridge will be very secure, stable and comfortable. So you can eat, talk and smile with confidence. Just like your natural teeth you are able to enjoy all sorts of food.
  • It is a very durable and natural looking replacement for missing teeth.


This is a two phase procedure just like traditional implants. In the first phase, after a detailed examination of your mouth, a CT scan is taken with our in-house CBCT machine. This will assist our implant specialists to get a detailed full-mouth 3-D image of your jaws to evaluate the bone and other important structures. Our state-of-the art and highly precise implant planning software allows our specialists to fully evaluate the minutest details of your jaws on the computer and are able to plan the procedure with highest possible accuracy and safety. Intra oral 3D scanner is used to make a virtual impression of your mouth which assists in planning the implants and the replacement teeth for successful treatment. With the help of this information, our in-house dental lab will fabricate the surgical guide which assists in the placement of implants in the predefined place with great precision. Thus at Signature Smiles the entire implant treatment is computer guided and digital. Six dental implants will be carefully placed in the jaw bone. Following the procedure you will receive the temporary denture or bridge.

Signature Smiles has been a pioneer in dental implant treatment. Our internationally trained and certified implant specialists are renowned for performing thousands of successful implant treatments including all on 6 implants. We use the highest quality implant systems that are internationally acclaimed and backed by research. Extended warranties are provided on implants and the restorations. Our in-house dental lab uses very high quality materials to carefully fabricate the restorations to give you a healthy and radiant smile.

The cost of all on six dental implants varies depending on your individual situation. The type and brand of implant system used as well as the material used for the implant supported bridge or denture are some of the factors that affect the cost of treatment. At Signature Smiles we strive to make your all on six dental implants treatment very affordable without compromising the quality.

Make an appointment today with our implant specialists to find out if all-on-six implants is the best dental solution for you.