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Understanding Tooth Filling Price: Covers different Types, Steps and Important Factors

Understanding the costs involved with dental fillings is essential for maintaining your dental health. Considering the type of filling, and their related expenses, equips you to make wise choices for your oral health, whether you have a cavity caused by decay, need a root canal, or have a damaged tooth. This extensive guide delves into tooth filling costs, examines the many kinds of dental fillings offered, looks more closely at the filling process, and discusses the variables affecting their pricing.      


1.Amalgam fillings:

“Silver fillings” are sometimes used to describe amalgam fillings. They are reasonably priced and very durable. They are beneficial for your back teeth, which require heavy chewing. Amalgam fillings are strong and suitable for teeth that need to work hard because they are made from a combination of metals.  

2.Composite fillings:

It is a fantastic option if you want a filling that matches the colour of your natural teeth. They are a little more expensive because they look aesthetic and require a special procedure to fix it to your tooth. Composite fillings are an excellent option for many people since they may be used on teeth in the front and back of your mouth.  


3.Porcelain Fillings:

Sometimes, instead of composite filling, porcelain fillings are used to restore large cavities. They are commonly known as inlays and onlays and they are made in the lab and later cemented on the tooth in the dental clinic. 

They are crafted to fit your teeth and resemble your natural teeth properly. Because they are made to last long, they are more expensive. As porcelain fillings blend nicely with your natural teeth, they are utilized on teeth visible when you smile.  

4.Cement Fillings:

Also known as “glass ionomer fillings,” these fillings are made of cement. They contain ingredients that are healthy for your teeth. They are used in areas of your mouth that don’t require a lot of chewing and are inexpensive. They are a good option for children and others who might develop cavities.  


1) Examination and consultation:  

Your dentist will check your teeth to see if a filling is necessary. They will address any queries and review the filling material best for your condition. Your filling preference will also be taken into consideration.  

2) Area numbing: 

Before the operation, your dentist will apply a local anaesthetic to the region surrounding the troubled tooth. Doing this will make you confident that the procedure won’t hurt.  

3)  Removing decay:  

Your dentist will next remove the decayed portion of the tooth using a dental drill, air abrasion, or laser. The cavity will be cleaned and prepared for the filling by the dentist.  

4)  Etching and bonding (for tooth-coloured fillings):  

If you are getting a composite resin or porcelain tooth-coloured filling, the dentist will use an acidic gel to etch the tooth’s surface. As a result, the surface becomes rough, aiding the filling material’s adhesion to the tooth. The filling is then allowed to adhere to the tooth structure by applying a bonding agent.

5)  Filling the cavity:  

The dentist will fill the cavity with the selected filling material. The material is blended and put into the cavity for amalgam fillings before it hardens. Application of tooth-coloured fillings is made in layers, and hardening of each layer is carried out with a specific light.  

6)   Shaping and polishing:  

The dentist will trim and shape the filling material to ensure it melds perfectly with your natural tooth structure when it has solidified. After that, the filling is polished to make it smooth and stain-resistant 

7)  Bite inspection and corrections:  

Your dentist will examine your bite to ensure it is correctly positioned. They could modify the filling to achieve a cosy and natural bite if necessary.

8)  Aftercare instructions:  

You will receive detailed instructions from your dentist on caring for your freshly filled tooth. It could entail abstaining from foods or drinks, practising proper oral hygiene, and setting up routine dental checkups. 



Depending on the patient’s location, the price of dental care can vary greatly. Dental services are typically more expensive in urban areas compared to rural locations. It also depends upon the expertise of your dentist. Expert Dentists usually charge higher due to their vast experience and skill in the field. It is worthwhile seeking an expert dentist for a satisfactory outcome. 


The cost may vary depending on the filler material selected. Silver amalgam fillings are often less expensive than porcelain or tooth-coloured composite resin fillings. 

3.Filling size and complexity:

The price will vary depending on the size and extent of the cavity. Larger and more intricate fillings need more time and resources, which could raise the final cost.  

4.The tooth’s position:

The price for filling front teeth depends on where the tooth is in your mouth. Back teeth, known as molars, are generally trickier to fill due to their location at the rear of the mouth. When it comes to fixing front teeth, especially those near the gumline or between teeth, the difficulty of the procedure can impact the total cost.    

5.Dental insurance coverage::

The entire cost may be higher if a filling is included in a more thorough dental treatment plan, such as root canal therapy or periodontal treatment, because more procedures will need to be performed.  


The price range of dental fillings would vary everywhere. It is advisable to go for a dental filling treatment that offers superior quality and is durable. A good quality dental filling will stay intact and save the additional cost in case the filling chips off or comes off. You can receive cost-effective dental fillings at Signature Smiles, with prices starting from Rs. 2500/- onwards.  


To maintain a healthy life, taking care of your teeth is crucial. You may take economical decisions after verifying various questions answers to maintain the health of your teeth as per your budget. It will allow you to learn about various tooth fillings, how much they cost, and why they cost that much. Find out which filling is best for you and how much it can cost from a professional dental clinic like Signature Smiles, where every treatment is carried out by skilled and expert dentists. 


Remember that healthy teeth allow you to smile with assurance and feel fantastic. Making the most significant decisions for your teeth now and in the future entails striking the ideal balance between high quality dental treatment and what you can afford. Signature Smiles dental clinic will be a great ally in this journey with you, setting yourself up for a lifetime of healthy teeth and a smile by taking care of your teeth. 


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