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Considering the Dental Implant Cost in India: Process, Elements, & Underbite Treatment

If you’ve lost your smile due to missing teeth, ‘Dental Implants’ can help bring it back. With dental implants, you can replace missing natural teeth and feel confident again. Dental Implants are an effective teeth replacement option. If you’re wondering about the cost of dental implants in India, we’re here to help. 

This guide breaks down the factors that affect dental implant treatment costs in India. We’ll look at the dental implant procedure steps and explore how dental implants can be essential for fixing underbite problems. 

Factors Affecting Dental Implant Costs in India 

Knowing some essential things will help you better understand dental implant costs. 

1.Restoration Style:

The cost of fixing your teeth depends on the materials and methods used for crowns, bridges, or implant-supported dentures. Choosing better quality ensures a good, long-term solution. 

2.Number of Implants:

How many implants you need affects the total cost. Also, if fixing your teeth is more complicated, it might cost more.

3.Implant Type and Manufacturer:

Titanium is the usual implant material because it’s safe for your body. But if you choose fancier materials or brands, it might cost more.

4.Additional Procedure: 

The overall cost might increase if you need extra things like sinus lifts or bone grafting. Sometimes, you might need to remove damaged or decayed teeth before getting an implant, which could add to the cost. 

5.Surgeon’s Expertise:

Experienced surgeons might charge more for their services. But they usually do a good job, so it’s a trade-off.

6.Clinic Location:

Location of the dental clinic is important. Big clinics in cities might have higher costs, but they also use the latest technology, which can be better for your treatment. 

It is important to consider all the factors affecting the pricing of a dental implant. It helps you avail the best pricing as per your budget. Signature Smiles offers premium implants, with prices ranging from 20000/- to 25000/- per implant. The cost is subject to variations based on materials used and individual requirements. The pricing here is affordable, while providing you with world class dental treatment. Implant placement is a long-term procedure requiring multiple follow-ups; hence, dental clinics usually end up charging a premium amount for the implant restorations. Implant costing offered here is one of the best considering the industry standards. 

Dental Implant Procedure

Let’s go through the steps of getting dental implants. It’s a careful process that gives you natural-looking results. 

1) Consultation and Assessment:  

Your dentist will check your teeth and plan your treatment, sometimes using scans. They make sure your gums and teeth are healthy before starting. Bone thickness is measured, and the treatment is planned accordingly. If the bone thickness is less, procedures are carried out and bone thickness is built using various products known for building the thickness of bone. If the bone thickness is ideal, immediate implant placement is carried out. 

2) Implant Placement: 

After surgery, a healing period begins where the titanium implant is put into your jawbone. This helps the bone and implant merge. 

3) Placement of Abutment:  

A part called an abutment is added to the implant. It’s like a link between the implant and the new tooth. 

4)  Prosthetic Attachment:  

Finally, a custom-made permanent crown, bridge, or denture is attached to the abutment, completing the restoration.

Using dental implants to treat an underbite

Dental implant surgery can fix more than just missing teeth. They can also help with problems like underbites. 

An underbite happens when your lower teeth push your lower jaw past your upper jaw. Dental implants can support your upper front teeth, especially in less severe cases. For more serious underbites, you might need jaw surgery. 

Benefits Beyond Looks: Dental implants can do more than make you look good. They can also fix how your teeth fit together, making it easier to bite and chew. In some cases, they might even help with sleep apnea. 


If you’re considering getting tooth implants to fix your smile and missing teeth, it’s essential to know all about the process. Dental implants aren’t just about making you look good; they can also fix how your teeth work. 

For people with underbites, where lower teeth stick out more, dental implants can help by supporting the upper front teeth. Getting dental implants fixes how your teeth fit together in less severe cases. But for more serious cases, you might need jaw surgery. Dental implants are a good investment for looking good and having good oral health. 

In conclusion, knowing the cost of dental implants in India, understanding the treatment process, and seeing how they can help with underbite problems can help you make a good decision. Dental implants aren’t just replacements for missing teeth; they’re long-term solutions that make your mouth healthy and give you a nicer smile. Dental implant is one of the best restorative options for your missing teeth and Signature Smiles Clinic provides you with the best pricing for an effective restoration. 


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