Will Diabetes Really Affect Someone’s Oral Health?

Oral Health

Oral Health with Diabetes disturbs your body’s mechanism to digest sugar. It affects your body in many ways. Read on to find out how diabetes will affect your oral hygiene.

Can diabetes cause teeth problems?

Poorly managed diabetes leads to high blood sugar which can create havoc on your body. It also affects the functioning of the white blood cells which fight infection. Over time diabetes can cause progressive damage to your oral health.

Oral health problems caused by Diabetes

If people with diabetes do not keep their blood sugar within normal limits, it can lead to many dental problems. Here is a list:

  • Gums problems


Gum problems include gingival inflammation called Gingivitis and gum disease called Periodontitis in which the gums, as well as the underlying bone, are involved. bleeding, sore and painful gums.  This happens as diabetes narrows the blood vessels and hence the blood supply is reduced which can lead to gum infections. Gum diseases in people with poorly controlled blood sugar can be very severe and aggressive resulting in loose teeth, gum pain, foul odour, soft spongy gums surgery which if not treated in time can result in tooth loss.

  • Dry Mouth


The saliva flow in your mouth is reduced due to diabetes which results in dry mouth. The functions of saliva are altered including lubrication, mechanical removal of bacteria and food debris as well as its buffering activity which causes dry mouth. Thus, dry mouth leads to mouth sores, ulcers, tooth decay, and infections.

  • Poor healing of tissues of the mouth


The high level of blood sugar interferes with the healing process. Such people experience delayed healing after dental cleaning procedures and surgeries.

  • Fungal infections


Diabetics are at high risk of oral infections – especially fungal infections like thrush. A combination of decreased immunity, reduced blood supply, dry mouth, and high sugar levels in saliva are the perfect breeding ground for infections. This also leads to a burning sensation in the mouth.

  • Dental cavities


As mentioned earlier, the high levels of sugar in the saliva, as well as other contributing factors, like dry mouth lead to higher plaque accumulation in people who do not control their diabetes. This results in dental decay and cavities.

Diabetes and Dental Treatment

As a diabetic is it important to keep your blood sugar under control at all times. Caring for your mouth becomes very important so that you avoid dental problems.

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