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Get Clear Braces to Get a Perfect Smile

A smile reflects one’s personality and adds charm and radiance to one’s overall magnetism. A beautiful smile not only looks attractive but also shows confidence. However, in some cases, if people have crooked or misaligned teeth, it can affect their self-confidence. 

Traditional metal brackets have been a primary solution for teeth straightening for a long time, but now, clear braces have become a more popular choice for straightening teeth and improving your smile and looks.  

In this article, we will learn about clear braces, how braces work, their advantages, and a comparison with other orthodontic treatments. 


 How Do Clear Braces Work?

Clear braces, or ceramic braces, are transparent alternatives to traditional metal braces. Clear braces apply gentle pressure to move teeth into their desired positions. Clear braces use ceramic brackets and frosted wires that match the natural colour of your teeth and are not as visible as metal wires. It best suits the people who are not comfortable with traditional braces. You can straighten your teeth with clear braces without feeling embarrassed about your look, as the metallic counterparts make you feel with the visible metal wires.

 Choosing between Traditional Metal and Clear Braces

Traditional metal braces have been the ideal choice for aligning teeth over the years. Clear braces, however, align the teeth in the same way but use tooth coloured wire that is almost invisible. This feature reduces their visibility and removes the concern of visible metal wires. Clear braces may take slightly longer to achieve the desired results as they are not as strong as metal braces but provide effective results. Clear braces are a great choice to straighten teeth without compromising your look with metal wires and brackets. 

 Oral Healthcare with Clear Braces

Clear braces offer a better way to improve oral hygiene as they take care of your looks. It is important to straighten your crooked teeth as they can cause problems like tooth decay, gum disease, and chewing difficulties. Crowded and crooked teeth lead to plaque and tartar collection, as cleaning becomes problematic with such teeth. Clear braces help you align your teeth and give you a healthier mouth. They pave the way for a straighter, more confident smile and provide you with life-changing results.


 What is the Treatment Plan with Clear Braces?

Before you start your treatment with clear braces, you must ensure that your oral health is in good shape for the best possible outcome. 

  Following are the steps to get clear braces:

> Your dentist examines your oral health 

> They check for tooth decay and other dental issues

> Your dentist will treat your dental issues before you get clear braces 

> An orthodontist examines your teeth and prepares your treatment plan with duration of treatment and other instructions 

> Clear ceramic brackets are fixed on the front surfaces of your teeth using dental cement 

> Then, tooth-coloured wires are secured to the brackets and attached to the back teeth with metal bands.

> The wire is held taut with light elastics. This procedure takes one to two hours and helps you enhance your smile.

> Your dentist will prepare guidelines for your braces care as well as your oral health 


 How Do You Care for Your Clear Braces?

After your dentist applies your clear braces, you will need to adjust your routine. You need to change your eating habits, follow diet restrictions and maintain good oral hygiene. It’s normal to experience some pain or discomfort after getting clear braces, but this is temporary. Your dentist may suggest painkillers to reduce the pain. It is essential to avoid foods that can damage your clear braces. You need to follow all the instructions given by your dentist for a successful treatment with clear braces.  

Clear braces can correct the position of your teeth while being less visible than metal braces. You get effective results with clear braces, provided you take all the necessary care as instructed by your dentist.

 What are the Advantages of Clear Braces?

Clear braces offer the following advantages: 

> Less Visible: They use wires and parts that are tooth coloured; hence, they are less visible. 

> Correct Teeth Position: They subtly move the teeth to their desired position. They straighten teeth and improve your smile and looks. 

> Improves Confidence: As they are unnoticeable, they save you from embarrassment. They boost the look and confidence of the person wearing them.

 Things to remember with Clear Braces

 1) Stains:

Clear braces are more prone to staining than their metal counterparts. You can take care of this by reducing the intake of foods and drinks that can cause stains. Maintain regular dental checkups and maintain good oral hygiene with cleaning and flossing. 

 2) Brittleness:

Clear brackets can break as they are less strong than metal braces. These braces are delicate; hence, you must follow the guidelines to preserve your braces well.

 3) Cost:

CClear braces are more expensive due to the materials used. Sometimes, the cost can increase due to extra repairs compared to metal braces. Hence, the treatment cost can vary depending on factors like breakage decay or dental issues. Basic Clear braces cost from 30000/- onwards, making it affordable for individuals wishing to straighten their teeth. Clear braces help smile transformation at an affordable price. They keep your smile journey clear and confident with clear braces.


Clear braces offer you effective results while being invisible. However, you must find the right dental expert and clinic before you start clear braces treatment. Signature Smiles is one of the leading clinics in Mumbai that offers quality treatment and services to help align your teeth with clear braces. You must maintain proper oral health and follow your dentist’s advice for successful outcomes. If you desire a beautiful smile without the visibility of traditional metal braces, then clear braces may be the best choice for you as it provides a better treatment option than traditional metal braces. 


About Dr. Sanyukta Rege - (BDS, MDS - Periodontics & Oral Implantology)

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