How can I prevent my child from early childhood cavities?

How can I prevent my child from early childhood cavities?

Childhood cavities have been an increasing problem for children worldwide in recent decades. Between the ages of three and seven, children’s teeth have substantially weaker enamel, making them more vulnerable to dental decay. Monitoring your child’s sugar consumption, oral hygiene routines, and dental visit schedules is essential to ensure their milk teeth develop normally and stay healthy. Early childhood caries are cavities that most frequently appear on a child’s upper front teeth but can also affect other teeth. When they get more severe, they may resemble brown stains, holes, or fractured teeth and need more complex operations to correct. Again, getting treatment as soon as possible is crucial to prevent the deterioration from worsening.

Baby teeth that decay might harm the permanent teeth that are developing underneath. However, only a few techniques can help you protect your child against tooth decay. In addition, early childhood caries may be highly destructive to a child’s dental health by inhibiting their permanent teeth’ proper growth and eruption.

Causes of early childhood caries

It occurs when sugar-containing beverages and meals, such as milk and juice, remain in your child’s mouth for an extended period. Sugar is a favourite food of bacteria, which they utilise to create acids that gradually destroy your child’s teeth. Your child’s caries risk, or the possibility that they will acquire caries, is determined by these factors, including the frequency of feedings, oral hygiene, medicines, and other medical and dental conditions.

Preventing Early Childhood Caries

  • Avoid giving your child soda or sweetened beverages like fruit juice and sweet nibbles.
  • Avoid having a milk bottle at the baby’s disposal all the while. Milk bottle caries or rampant caries is the most significant issue children face.
  • Don’t immerse pacifiers in any sweetened liquid.
  • Let your child not indulge in habits like Thumb sucking. Thumbsucking causes a dry mouth, which increases the chances of bacterial infestation.
  • Never let your child drink milk before bed as the liquid may remain on their teeth at night, and sugar can quickly rot teeth. If kids need to hydrate at night, water is always the best option, or let your child squish the mouth after having milk.
  • When you observe your child’s first tooth erupting, or by the time they turn one, schedule their first dental visit.
  • Take your kid to the pediatric dentist for a quick checkup. The pediatric dentist will address your child’s risk of cavities and the best ways to avoid them.

The uncontrolled breastfeeding practice throughout the day or night without taking care of oral health could result in early childhood caries. Your kid’s teeth are vital for chewing and speaking. However, your child’s permanent teeth may erupt, become crooked or crowded if early childhood caries lead them to lose teeth too soon.

Help your kid establish lifelong healthy oral habits by following the tips above.

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