Tips to Deal with Sensitive Teeth after Whitening

Teeth Pain after eating ice cream

Teeth whitening is a great way to get a bright white smile. But no matter which method of bleaching you use, there is some amount of sensitivity after whitening. For some it’s negligent, but for others, it can be uncomfortable. Learn tips to deal with sensitive teeth after whitening.

1. Desensitizing gel

In case you are already experiencing sensitivity before the whitening treatment, talk to your dentist. They can prescribe a desensitizing toothpaste that will block the pores of the dentine. Start using it 1-2 weeks before treatment to reduce the sensitivity of teeth after whitening.

2. Don’t brush your teeth immediately after teeth whitening

Brushing mechanically removes debris from your teeth. But this mechanical action can increase sensitivity. Whitening opens the pores of the teeth, making them vulnerable to pain. Brushing will only make it worse.

3. Shorter treatment

The treatment duration can be reduced to deal with sensitivity. Your dentist can tailor-make the treatment, decreasing the frequency and time of the whitening procedure so that you experience less tooth sensitivity.

4. Take anti-inflammatory medicine

You can take an over-the-counter pain medicine such as paracetamol or ibuprofen if the pain seems unbearable. If you know you have a low pain threshold, take it just before the procedure is started so that the effects kick in by the time you start to experience sensitivity.

5. Avoid certain foods

It’s best to not eat or drink anything cold such as ice-cream, cold drinks, cold water, popsicles for some time after the treatment. They will further aggravate sensitive teeth. As the sensitivity gradually starts to wear off, you can go back to eating your favourite ice-cream.


Consult your dentist and share your concerns with your doctor to find out how you can comfortably deal with post-treatment sensitivity and get a bright white smile.

Restoring a cavitated or broken tooth should be done before whitening to seal the tooth’s nerves from the whitening agent. Understand the different whitening procedures and the difference between professional and at-home whitening. Although it is uncommon to experience sensitive teeth after whitening strips, nonetheless it is not very effective in achieving noticeable results.

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