Teeth Whitening: Professional or From Home? What’s the Difference?

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A bright white smile is a big asset. It can make you feel confident and assist you in making a good first impression. But if you wonder is it better to whiten teeth at the dentist or home, let’s understand the differences so that you can make a better choice.

Teeth whitening procedures can be broadly divided into two types: Profession and at-home.

Home whitening measures include:

  • Bleaching trays
  • strips
  • gels
  • bleaches.

Professional teeth whitening:

Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth to make trays, which hold the bleach, specially designed to fit your teeth. Besides this, in laser teeth whitening a laser light is used to speed up the process.

Professional teeth whitening vs at home

Here are the differences between the two:


The main advantage of professional teeth whitening is that it is customized to your mouth. Whereas over-the-counter at-home products are one-size-fits-all.


Home whitening has a lower concentration of the whitening agent. Hence it is not very efficient in getting rid of the tough stains. It is slow and can take a few weeks to even months to see noticeable results.


You will have to wear the trays for 1-2 hours a day or wear strips for a few minutes daily over a series of weeks.

Professional whitening is significantly fast. If you are using laser teeth whitening (Zoom) treatment, it will take you about an hour to get teeth that are 8 shades whiter.

Pain and sensitivity

Since at-home modalities are not customized, they can harm your teeth and gums. Gum inflammation and pain are common side effects. The bleach can ooze into cavities damaging teeth leading to tooth pain and sometimes needing root canal treatment. On the other hand, when done in the clinic your dentist will constantly supervise and make sure it does not come in contact with cavities, damaged teeth, and gums.

Irregular whitening

In at-home whitening, the trays or strips do not evenly fit around teeth. Resulting in an uneven amount of bleaching agent and patchy and uneven whitening. In the clinic your dentist is constantly supervising; the amount of bleach is adjusted,

Longevity of treatment

The results of professional whitening last longer as the bleach is stronger and able to reach the deeper surface of the teeth and hence your teeth will stay whiter for a longer period compared to home treatment


Professional teeth whitening is more expensive vs at home but it more than makes up with its convenience, effectiveness, and safety.

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